Coding Projects

I have moved out projects that are no longer being maintained or used by myself personally. So if you really need to get hold of some release that used to be here, please drop me an email. Most of the codes are released under GPL, unless otherwise stated. If you are using the codes in any way, fully or partially, I insist that you respect and abide by the terms of usage. All these code comes with no warranty at all, none whatsoever. If it breaks, you can keep all the pieces.

Clearcheckbook from commandline

Version 1.0 | License: Perl Artistic 2.0 | Download
This small script allows you to perform transactions ton your account without having to fire up a browser windows/tab. Supported transactions include 'deposit', 'withdrwals' and 'transfers'. For now, queries like 'balance', 'account', 'limit', 'cat' etc. are not supported since the script is not capable of parsing replies from the CheckBot. Hence it it might be a good idea to set the CheckBot setting to not provide a response. Until you are convinced that this script works fine, it might also be a good idea to change setting to not perform 'Auto-Add'!

It uses the Google Talk CheckBot of CCB to do this and hence you will need to enable Google Talk setup on CCB. The script also supports offline mode of operation so if the script cannot connect to the server or you work in offline mode (-o), the script writes the transaction to a local file. The next time it is invoked to connect to the server, it sends the old transactiont too to the server.

Requires the Net::XMPP Perl module. To use, rename to script to . To configure the script, open it in an editor and edit the following:

Diet Tracker

Version: 1.5 | License: GPL 2.0 | Project Page
Diet Tracker is a set of Perl codes to help you keep track of your diet progress. It uses a MySQl database to store and display your weight variations and calorie intake as you progress in your diet.


Version: 0.6.1 | License: GPL 2.0 | Project Page
Description: This is a Microsoft Windows utility that can be used by users to upload their pictures into the "InBox" or any other album within the root directory, of their account without having to fire-up their browsers, log into, select the files to upload etc.

Screen-scrapped Feeds

Sig Maker

Version: 1.0 | License: GPL | Download
Description: The script to create random email signatures for you. You can choose your signature style between a simple sig, a standing ascii cartoon and a sitting ascii cartoon. Use it with Colossal Quotes (details below) to get cool dynamic email signatures.

Colossal Quotes

This zipped file contains quotes that I have collected from all over the internet. As of now it contains over 12,300 (yup.. you read it right!) quotes, covering variety of subjects. Each quote is in seperate line. It is ideal for use in automatic e-mail signature creation.

SunOS Port for Notifyme

Notifyme is a console utility that stays in a background (it isn't a daemon but it doesn't block terminal) and prints a message if a specified login and/or logout occurs. Since my Univ. server are mostly Solaris, I hacked up some codes to get Notifyme to work with SunOS machines. The whole modified code is in notifyme-1.4.1-SunOS.tar.gz file, while the diff with respect to the original code is in notifyme-SunOS.patch.